My Top 5 books on Personal Growth


December 28, 2018


Five? Heck, I can go over twenty or even thirty books that sparked my interest in one way or the other. That’s why it actually took me forever to narrow my list of Personal Growth-books down to the bare minimum. The message of each of these books brought substantial value to my life and I cannot recommend them enough if you’re, just like me, on your journey towards self improvement. Okay, let’s get to it.

The Untethered Soul

A Journey beyond yourself by Michael A. Singer

The message is clear and simple: The way for the soul to become untethered, you must realise you are the witness of your thoughts, sensations and pain. They should not control you. It’s all about freeing yourself from your thoughts and reaching a state of well-being and acceptance by letting life flow through you without ever blocking its stream of energy.

I bet we can all recall a day (or a few) of emotional drainage after blowing things out of proportion. With this book you will get a difference approach to daily life and your powerful self. You learn how to balance and control your emotions in a clear way by letting go your noisy mind. Easy? Big, fat NO. Achievable? Absolutely! It’s one to re-read a couple of times and apply asap-kinda book. Main conclusion: It’s all about freeing yourself from your thoughts by practice.


An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn

If you’re looking for confronting and eye-opening insights on human race and our environment, then this is your go-to-book. After finding an advertisement in the newspaper, a man reaches out to the guru looking for a new student. Upon arrival at the proper address, he stumbles upon a surprising fact: the teacher, called Ishmael, is actually a full grown gorilla. The man learns to communicate by telepathy with what seams to be the voice of Mother Earth.

Although at the first the storyline shows traces of a novel, it actually becomes a hight-value cultural opinion piece, releasing refreshing ideas and questions upon us. Ishmael discusses the creation of our modern civilisation and the irreversible struggle we have cost to our future in order to reach that goal. A fantastic page turner that lingers for months. Main conclusion: Man sees himself as ruler, which unknowingly results in deteriorating the Earth. Pretty raw and very close to my heart.

The Four Agreements

A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

We are born into a society that plants ideas, concepts and theories in our heads. Not only we believe them, but we add thousands of unspoken restrictions to the equation, solely based on perception of others. The four agreements portrayed in this book help you break all those false premises that might have locked your personal freedom behind bars.

It takes a while and lots of practice to grasp certain aspects mentioned in the book but it definitely puts things in perspective. According to Ruiz, self-expression should be taken seriously as words contain energy. Opposite to that we shouldn’t take words of others too personal and avoid making assumptions. Doing your best will lead you to permanent happiness as your inner judge will be forever satisfied. Main conclusion: Being truthful to yourself will have a positive influence on yourself and others.

You are a badass

How to stop doubting your greatness & start living an awesome life by Jen Sincero

Drop all your self-sabotaging beliefs that stop you from getting what you want. Jen Sincero is hilarious yet to the point on how to create the life you love & dream of. It’s an entertaining spin on a classic self-help book to motivate you towards a more fulfilling lifestyle. Be the badass you are meant to be!

Jen throws in personal details of her own life making it very easy to connect to her and her message. If you are like me and need someone to kick you into action, this book will get your juices flowing.

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