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I’m a firm believer in building your dreams from the inside out and taking mindful actions to fulfill them. That being said, each success story starts with clarity and purpose.

“ Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic.”

You know what light me up? Helping soulful creators and entrepreneurs thrive in their uniqueness and understand the correlation of their actions and their impact in the long run. It's all about finding & maintaining a healthy and sustainable balance.

from old Scottish. a person who looks for & cultivates complete happiness 

{ Blis · hunt ·​ er } Scottish

Le Bliss hunter

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Use this space to connect with the visitor and tell them why you are here to help and solve their problem.

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I believe in minimalism and content with a vibe. My goal is to empower other magic makers with all the tangible tools they need in order to launch their dreams into the atmosphere.

I have a clear vision & sustainable strategy to move you and your business forward in a holistic way. The result: More purpose. More power. More profit.

And, yes, this will in fact result in more impact, more confidence and more inner fulfillment as well.
Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic!

Here’s the quick version. I’m a small-town journalist, photographer, marketeer and environmental advocate who is not afraid to step into the big world. I like to describe myself as being a mindful creative passionately embracing the art of slow living. Happiest when surrounded by nature, creating art and helping others tap into their superpower. Consider me as your personal cheerleader vision, here to assist you on your creative journey.

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