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I’m a firm believer in building your dreams from the inside out and taking mindful actions to fulfill them. That being said, each success story starts with clarity and purpose.

“ Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic.”

You know what light me up? Helping soulful creators and entrepreneurs thrive in their uniqueness and understand the correlation of their actions and their impact in the long run. It's all about finding & maintaining a healthy and sustainable balance in life & biz.

from old Scottish. a person who looks for & cultivates complete happiness 
{ Blis · hunt ·​ er } Scottish

Le Bliss hunter

The Mission


I'm a multi-disciplinary communication strategist here to help you level up your story in an authentic way.

I got you..

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My goal is to empower dreamers, shakers and magic makers like yourself with a sense of clarity and an applicable communication strategy you could possibly need to launch your dreams into the atmosphere and keep moving forward in a holistic, sustainable way.

As you can see I like wearing many hats (literally!), but who doesn't? What matters most is living our lives in the most authentic and fulfilling way possible. That's in fact my definition of genuine succes. Thanks for stepping by, sweet friend. Now we're all caught up.

In case we haven't met, here’s the quick version. I’m a small-town journalist, photographer, marketeer and lover of life who is not afraid to enjoy the adventure. I can best describe myself as being a mindful storyteller, vintage hat connoisseur and ocean enthusiast passionately embracing the art of self expansion and slow living. Happiest when surrounded by nature, live music and soulful creatives who are eager to grow and learn together.

Owner & Creator

Hi, I'm Anna

le creative bFF

The Profile

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To help you create a custom, clear and creative brand message to attract your ideal clients

my goal

I move back to Antwerp to work as an entertainment journalist. I get to chat with a bunch of talented people, like for a living! The perfect opportunity to get my guitar signed during an interview. 


After my vacation in Australia and then Costa Rica, I study herbal medicine. I also get a Hummingbird tattoo on my wrist. 


Time to move to Australia (yes mate!) to live near the ocean. I get my PADI diving permit & dive even deeper into music making & songwriting. I meet the most amazing artists & make lifelong friendships. 


Le journey

Interview with Ed Sheeran

The one where I get my Pilot Practice Permit & go paragliding at the Mont Blanc in Chamonix.


I work as Business Developer for a global company. I also start a travel blog, but realize very quickly that it’s not versatile enough for me. I fly to Sweden for an intensive speech level workshop with the famous Seth Riggs.


For the first time in years, I pick up my camera again on my trip to South Africa. I fall in love with photography all over again. Nothing beats shooting from an open heli and experiencing wildlife. My photography work gets published in a couple magazines!


After my trip to Iceland, where I explore ice caves, the pandemic happens. I ditch the 9-5 forever (and ever). It gives me time & inspiration to work on my passion, which includes social media marketing & coaching.

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