Nice to meet you, wonderful creature! I’m Anna, a creative enthusiast and adventurous world citizen who in the early beginnings of 2017 decided to document a whole bunch of exciting stuff in this digital corner. For me to capture, for you to enjoy. I’ve studied both, journalism & music and worked as entertainment & music journalist for several Belgian magazines. In my spare time I love studying herbology & aviation, making music, practicing yoga and cooking vegan foods. Also, I’m all about discovering what this planet has to offer – entertainment and nature wise. Nothing excites my spirit more than the sound of music, the smell of salt water and the feeling of freedom… I hope this blog brings you joy or at least gives you some insights on whatever you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line or to connect with me over the net to exchange some stories. Our lives were meant to be an incredible adventure, right? No time to waste. Make it count. (Yes, that’s a corny Titanic quote. Ha).