Look, I have been there, too. I know what it feels like to act uninspired, posting generic content while frustratingly striving for perfection. Instagram is a place to inspire both the audience and the creator. It’s a beautiful opportunity to express yourself, show off your talent, and create a supportive community. Do not let it become a creativity killer. There are many ways you can make it more enjoyable not only for your followers but for yourself as well.

Here is a list of all my “Ride or Die” apps for my clients and my account. Say goodbye to your creative block with these fun storytelling apps! Save them, love them, and share them! You can thank me later.

1. Unfold

Best Instagram Storytelling App with tons of templates

A good story on Instagram is not only a treasure to keep in your highlights, but it can also massively increase your audience’s engagement. Unfold is an app developed by Squarespace to ease your creative flow by providing you with over 150 beautiful story templates to up your game.

The app is straightforward and creates the most amazing stories for photo and video content in no time. I use the (paid) Pro version because I like to keep all my options open; believe me, the possibilities are endless! This app offers tons of new ideas, and this version also allows you to create stunning bio sites on Instagram. You also get access to stock images, which are very useful for backgrounds. If you prefer to keep it plain and simple, you’ll also like the free option.

Best 5 Instagram Storytelling Apps that will spice up your message - Unfold

2. Swipemix

Best App for panoramic layout

If you’re an avid carousel person like me, you might enjoy using Swipemix. The app stands out from the rest regarding unique post collages for the Instagram carousel to swipe over. The templates are all ready to go and very easy to use. Ensure you get the ratio right when mixing and matching certain carousels with your main photo on Insta. 

Carousels are incredibly popular now, especially with the new algorithm (god, here we go again). So Insta loves to boost them. And why? The answer is simple: the goal is to keep your audience engaged for as long as possible. Carousels do that, at least for a few seconds, instead of a classic post with one image. So is it worth using them? My answer is a loud and clear YES.

3. Mosaic

Best Instagram Storytelling App for Layering

This app is undoubtedly the most time-consuming of them all. However, it generates the best, most incredible stories. It’s like the perfect combination of Unfold and Swipemix, seamlessly blending images using a layering strategy. You click on the photo in the story to go to the following picture, and so on. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it is.

Again, I like the Pro version because it lets you use all the themes you want. In addition, it can and will help you design your Instagram stories in an excellent, professional way.

4. Mextures

Best App for image overlays

Again, I like the Pro version because it lets you use all the themes you want. In addition, it can and will help you design your Instagram stories in an excellent, professional way.

5. Inshot

Best Instagram Storytelling App for video

You can use it to edit your photos, but I only reach for Inshot to edit and prep my smartphone videos. The app is straightforward to use, but it also allows you to add music, change the speed of the snippets, overlay them, and cut them into a desired shape or length.

I bet there are many paid and free apps that can help you prepare your videos for Instagram Stories, but this one stuck with me, and it’s my ride-or-die. 

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