My First Skydiving Experience

I’m not scared of heights and I’m crazy about flying. As a matter of fact, I even want to get a legit pilot license one day. But jumping out of one? I wasn’t planning on it. Australia’s highest jump (14,000 ft) just happened one day, in Cairns, on whim. Take a parachute & jump… Here’s how I experienced my very first skydive.

How does it work?

After I sign a waiver, everyone gets to watch an introduction video and meet his or her buddy. They are the best match according to your length and weight. Mine laughs about me being his very first client. But that’s only a joke, right? RIGHT?


I get to wear long pants so I don’t burn my butt during landing. No earrings and other jewellery are allowed. You don’t want them to fall out and stab the guy responsible for opening the parachute, that’s why. Instead I get goggles to keep the harsh wind out of my eyes. Once that is settled all you can do is wait. I get butterflies every time the reception door opens. Is it my turn yet?

How does it feel?

It takes about 20 min flying to get to the point where we are ‘dumped’ above the clouds. I almost laugh at myself for expecting to see tiny people and houses when the gate opens. All I see is white cotton clouds with no end in sight. I am so high I can hear heaven…

The first few seconds, feel like… dying (before flying) Stepping out of the airplane feels like going against the nature. My hands and feet try to grasp onto something that isn’t there. I’m face down, out in the open air with a heavy body of the tandem jumper pushing me down even faster. Jeez, what have I done?


1, 2, 3 breathe…  My almost death experience soon turns into a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view. I feel the air pushing against my weight. The gravity reassures me I’m still alive so I better enjoy this! After the 45 long seconds of free falling, the chute opens. The experience becomes peaceful and I already miss the rush. My buddy lets me direct the chute for a second. We land in the corn fields, 20 minutes from the skydiving centre.


‘Looking like Scrat from Ice Age’


The video, made by my buddy and his GoPro, is ready in minutes. Trust me, it’s not a flattering sight: My cheeks and my body in general are consumed by the wind. Face it, It basically looks like the famous scene from Ice Age, where Scrat jumps after one of his nuts and his whole face shakes like jello. Yep, that one!

Besides general anaesthetics, skydiving to me is the scariest activity ever. But It’s by far the coolest. You cannot prepare for this kind of adrenaline rush, it’s incomparable to anything you’ve experienced before. A jump like that will shake you up and bring you to undiscovered heights. Literally.

  • Skydiving can be expensive so I advise you to book in advance to avoid tricky prices. Expect it to be around $350.
  • The video + photos are additional: I paid $129 for them.
  • More info  


Cheers, A.

 PS: How cute is my buddy?