When in Fiji: Beachcomber Island

Fiji… The dreamy honeymoon destination has been on my travel list for ages but I sorta had a misconception about this place. I strongly believed  that It was somehow unattainable for its exclusive character and Jetset reputation but couldn’t be more wrong. The tickets I found were a last minute on sale thing and the flight itself didn’t take for more than a few hours. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Lost in Paradise

The morning I leave Sydney I wash away my breakfast with Fiji water. Someone pinch me cause I’ll be wading in that water soon. The moment I arrive at the tiny but very inviting Nadi Airport, I must asap book my ferry. The travel agencies advise you to do this on the spot to assure you get there in time. You definitely don’t want to miss one, cause they’re quite expensive. It takes about an 2 hours to reach some of the many Islands around town. Some are very luxurious, some are not at all. The first few days in Fiji I stay at Beachcomber Island. A very bubbly place with no surrounding restaurants or shops what so ever, it’s only the resort and you. Unintentionally, I’ve received a gift of time. Lots of it. 

The Ba(t)d Luck

We get welcomed by the singing staff, later I learn they also sing to wave you goodbye. It’s very cute and heartwarming, although I’m not entirely sure how much they like performing like this 3 times a day. As much as I like to take a break once and a while, I feel bored quite from the start of this holiday, I do love to read books and tan but not for too long. I decide to snorkel for a bit and although I brought an underwater camera, I also take my iPhone in a waterproof case along. Bad call! In just a few minutes time I see my only form of contact with the outside world colapse in the ocean. To top it off I get stung by a bluebell. Yikes! Bula (which means hello) Fiji.. that’s not a good start. I’m soooo grateful for the Beachcomber staff to put some vinegar on my leg, that helps a lot. The phone gets hidden in a bag of rice, for a week. That’s should help absorb the water that got inside the device. No distractions no more.

Buffet Bummer

The following morning I put up my happy hat and enjoy my new found freedom. The islands looks SO calm during the day. Everybody’s doing the same thing, they read a book, play volleyball or swim. I can’t do much with my leg so I hang out in the shade & sip on my coconut. A bit of a bummer that the buffet doesn’t contain any vegetarian options for me, in fact there aren’t many options at all. It’s a chicken or nothing kinda deal. So I’m prepared together stuffed during breakfast. The sunset at Beachcomber Island is spectacular. Also there are many fruit bats everywhere. Luckily I’m not scared of them cause they pop out of nowhere.

Beachcomber Island has its own water Turtle Sanctuary, according to most booking websites. In real life however, this so called main attraction is very disappointing, not gonna lie. The few turtles that are actually there swim around in a kiddy pool surrounded by mesh, to protect them from birds. I did not entirely get this concept but hey, that doesn’t kill my vibe. Expensive drinks do! Yes that’s right, although you book an All inclusive meal accommodation (cause there is no other way to feed yourself) you still need to pay quite much for drinks. 

Time to Party Hardy

At night the island transforms into something completely different. There is a lot good stuff going on and almost everybody gets of their seat to dance, bingo or to play some games with the staff. I have an amazing time socializing with the locals (staff) and/or tourists and few days of serious partying, it’s time to change islands. Bula Beachcomber, up to the next.  PS: In case you wonder, my iPhone didn’t survive the splash. Lesson learned: Waterproof cases are not to be trusted (as well as waterproof make up).


  • Me and my travel mate stayed in a private lodge, they all got a private bathroom and toilet. If you want to save a bit on accommodation, you can always book a dorm bed. We accidentally walked in there one day and it looked very ok. More info on Beachcomber Island can be found here
  • Although I love Fiji, I wouldn’t necessarily return to this very  Island, personally there was just not enough to do. The excursions provided on the spot were merely based on partying & snorkling, which we already did by default.


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