A Few Of My Favorite

You have asked and I have delivered. This is my one stop spot for my dear things, go-to biz resources, books, ultimate tools and beauty staples that will make you hit the (work) ground running! 



You have asked and I have delivered. This is my one stop spot for my dear things, go-to biz resources, books, ultimate tools & beauty staples that will make you hit the (work) ground running!

       A Few Of My Favorite        




I'm about to shine some light on my trusted holy grails. My 'Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic' kinda stuff!

As you’re about to peruse my favorites, a quick disclaimer here:
Some of the links might be affiliate links, which means when you shop through my page it will not cost you anything extra, but I may get a small commission.

Which is awesome, because I was about to recommend them anyway! I only share products I use myself and nothing on this page has been sponsored.

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I'm slowly transitioning into being that imperfectly eco-conscious girl who pays attention to the importance of clean, sustainable products & items.

matt corby

bois de balincourt

noise cancelling headphones

what happened to you?

kingry by Julienne

1.  Favorite Musician

2. Tech Obsession

Greek islands

4. Signature Scent

5.  Workouts I love

3. Book of the year

6.  Vacation of choice

next set



cook a veggie meal


in/around the ocean

everything disney

7. Favorite Instagrammer

8. Business Personality

bed of nails

10. Most likely to

11. Guilty pleasure

9. Happy place

12. Product discovery of the year


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Greece, Kingry, Darin Olien.. Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

Le Quiz

Fashion & Accessories

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From my digs to my closet, here are my go-to staples, the pieces I get to enjoy over and over again.


The most user-friendly & free tool to send small or larger files (like PSD-files) to your clients. Once downloaded, they can unzip the file.



Newsletters don't have to be long and boring. If you truly care about simplicity and aesthetics, I assure you'll fall madly in love with this marketing provider.



A free & easy-to-use portfolio experience for your clients or your visitors to showcase, deliver and sell your photography. 



The best contract templates for freelancers + small business owners. If you're a service-based business, creative entrepreneur or small business owner, these are for you!

The Contract Shop


Creative Market is an online marketplace that sells graphics, fonts, stock photography, vectors and other digital goods for use by creatives. My favorite place to shop.

Creative Market


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content and is helpful for staying consistent with style.


Totally customizable free quiz templates to help you grow your mail list. A beautiful way to give your clients insights in a fun, engaging way.




World's largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. Easiest way to buy yourself a domain name.



Create unique experiences for the mobile and desktop visitors to your professional (photography) website with Showit drag-and-drop builder. I swear by this platform!


Secrets to looking like a biz goddess

My tools of the trade

Catch up on my
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Hair & Beauty

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My Daytime Skincare Routine: Non-Toxic, Vegan, Products

Biossance mask

Vintner's Daughter Serum

Check out
my routine

Clean yet effective skincare? Yes it is possible. Here are my essentials, skin and hair ride or die products. All tested, loved and used over and over again by yours truly. 

All of my ride or die apps I use for my clients and my personal account. Kiss your creative block goodbye with these fun filled storytelling apps.

My Favorite Tools
For Storytelling 


I tried and tested every natural skincare product I could get my hands on. Here are all my favorite skincare products, from face wash to moisturizer.

Daytime all natural skincare routine 

My favorite books for motivation, inspiration and thought cultivation. It’s a solid selection for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Natural deodorants that actually work

Keep Reading

Keep Reading

Keep Reading

If you’re looking for a sign to bring your dreams into existence, then by all means THIS.IS.IT. My goal is to empower other magic makers like you - yes YOU, with all the tangible tools they need in order to launch their dreams into the atmosphere. Are you ready for your relaunch?

My superpower is helping creative entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves while pursuing the life they want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

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You know what lights me up? Helping people thrive in their uniqueness and watching them succeed. Listen, we’re only here for a tiny little moment. What if we swapped the frustrations of overthinking, feeling insecure or not good enough, for creating a legacy we’re proud of and a lifestyle we dream of? Wouldn’t that feel empowering and fulfilling?

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