My Santorini Bucket List

Overwhelming… That’s how my first glance at Santorini feels like. The view of white-washed buildings and the smell of fresh Greek herbs and wild flowers are unexpectedly striking. One week almost seems too short to absorb all of the beauty, but If you are planning a trip to Santorini have a look at my highlights so you don’t miss out on awesome things.


The most amazing sunset at Oia is also visible from a yacht/boat, you definitely don’t want to miss out on snorkling, swimming and wine sipping across the Aegean sea, trust me.

It’s the only way too view the stunning white and blue buildings from further away. It’s less crowded and such a fun trip to do. More info on this topic.

Visit Tri-colored beaches

Believe it or not, Santorini has a white, red and a black sand beach. And the best thing is: you can see them in one day.

The entire island is only 17 km long so if you rent a car, like I did, you’ll be able to cruise by them in just one go.

Watch the Sunset in Oia

This world famous sunset in Oia, a smalltown of Santorini, is know for it’s unique setting. You will soon discover why. Prepare yourself to clap along with the rest of the tourists when the sun disappears into the ocean. It’s an experience!

Visit Ancient Ruins

You can visit some stunning ancient towns in Santorini, my very favorite one is Megalochori. It has caves, churches, little restaurants, local shops and donkeys. If you get a chance, try some food at Avlogyros Family Tavern. It’s is made with superfresh local veggies (Yes, I’m a vegeterian), yumm!

Indulge in Local Food

Yes, we all know the classics: Greek Salad, Tzatziki, Feta, Baklava, Greek Coffee and the yoghurt. But let me be real, it never tastes quite as good just as the locals make it. Did you for example ever try basil or olive ice cream? Sooo good!

Go Dancing in Fira

Behind the quiet white walls, there are some good parties going on at nighttime. In Fira town you can dance your heart out. Bonus point: the locals, basically all dance like pro’s.

Shop Your Whites

Nope, I’m not talking porcelain or linen. In Santorini you will find a lot of clothing stores only selling white clothes. Crochet, lace, cotton,… you name it. I’ve never seen anything like it and I wish I hadn’t packed my suitcase at home. Still eying that typical Greece dress? Look no further, just get it over there.