Chasing Butterflies at Schmetterlinghaus Vienna

There’s this one hidden magical place in the very heart of Vienna, you just don’t want to miss: The Imperial Butterfly House or originally called Schmetterlinghaus. The most stunning Art Nouveau indoor garden holds over 400 butterflies. They fly freely around you, snack on their apples and veg out on your mobile devise. An amusing and vivid flying theatre!


Secret Garden 

It’s one thing to see butterflies in your garden but an other thing to see a whole bunch of them interact and play around from up close. The best part about it is that they feel very relaxed around people so they don’t shy away from you or your camera. They just land on your shoulder and sit on your backpack. Inside the Schmetterlinghouse you only have the garden, but before I exit there’s a tiny space to buy souvenirs and to get additional information about the butterflies. It’s not the most thrilling or wild excursion out there but it certainly is a very relaxing and beautiful way to spend your afternoon in Vienna in a Secret Garden environment.

  • The opening hours and tickets may vary each year so check the Schmetterlinghaus site.
  • You don’t need to get your entrance ticket beforehand. No waiting line.
  • The Butterfly House is not a crowed touristic attraction, so you can just chill out and have a walk without bumping into masses of people.
  • Considering it’s a indoor tropical garden, expect it to be quite warm inside, so don’t overdress.