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Glamping in a treehouse in Warredal, Belgium


Looking for a breather from modern technology and noise? Look no further! Warredal Cosy Cabins, including their treehouse are alluring, off-grid tiny houses designed for relaxing and reconnecting to nature. Glamping at its best. Located in the National Park Hoge Kempen in Belgian Limburg, just at the border with the Netherlands, the cabins offer a secluded experience.

The tiny house, or better yet, the treehouse I stayed in only provides the basic needs: a bed, a cosy seating area, a small but practical bathroom and a basic kitchenette. They keep electricity to its minimum, so you will lighten your room with candles and storm lanterns. Oh, there is no Wi-Fi, but I was lucky enough to get a hot tub instead.

What to expect glamping in a treehouse?

Slow living in Unique forest cabins

In a populated country like Belgium, finding a quiet, unique location can be challenging. I bet my Dutchies & Belgians will agree on that one. Places like Warredal offer rest and reconnection to self and to nature: the forest in this case. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to make your childhood dreams come true, right? The boy next door -my cousin, had a treehouse at home. I remember sneaking into their manly fort and decorating it with wild flowers and curtains when they were on holidays. Those two weeks, the mini cabin was all mine, and I loved it.

Treehouse living as an adult is different, I find. You got stuff to bring, chargers to pack, food to cook, other things to consider, like pets. It’s less playful now. But it’s still so much fun!

All I hear is bird sounds and occasional pinecones falling from the trees. Living close to the city, I’m not used to this kind of silence. It’s refreshing. The lack of light only hinders me during cooking, but my eyes adjust to this. We use so much electricity in our households; I realize. I enjoy the basic decor as well. No distractions.

What to pack for a weekend in a treehouse?

Glamping Packing Guide

The cabins don’t have that many plugs to charge your devises, that is why I found it very helpful to bring an extra flashlight for the trips so I could spare my phone battery.

Now let’s see what else was on my list:

  1. Hiking shoes: I pack 2 pair of shoes going on a camping trip, just in case I get blisters or something happens to my first pair (heavy rain, for example). For this medium distance hike, I packed my Timberland. Considering I get cold feet when the floors are not isolated, I always pack a pair of fuzzy socks, no matter where I go.
  2. Natural Mosquito + Tick repellant: Not all bug repellants you wear are beneficial for your pets. Eucalyptus, for example, can harm your cat while lavender can cause severe allergies. My local pharmacist recommended Para’kito Spray. It’s affective for mosquitoes and ticks. There’re no chemicals or alcohol involved, so it replaced Deet in a second.
  3. Sunglasses: a good old pair of classic aviators are all a girl can ever need on a hiking trip.
  4. Hat: It’s not a secret. I love my hats. A good hat will provide extra protection for your skin and hair. We often forget that. Two of my favorite brands are: Will & Bear and Lack of Color. If I want to take them off during a hike, I just clip them to my backpack and carry them that way with these clips.
  5. Water bottle: To have a solid water bottle is one thing, but it needs to keep the water purified as well. I love my Larq. This bottle not only looks super sleek, but it neutralizes up to 99% of bacteria with a built in filtration system.

with love,
Anna Smorek

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