When to spot Tulips in Holland

Forget the cheeses & the Anne Frank museum. From March till May it’s all about the massive fields of rainbow coloured tulips in Amsterdam. Wanna see the city blossom? Here’s how you do it. You got a few options, either you get a 16 euro ticket to Keukenhof, world’s famous garden OR you explore the tulip fields around the area for free. And there are many! I visited both at the end of April and would strongly recommend a combination of the two. It’s SO worth it. This is how my day trip went down.

Tulip Fields

There are many tulip fields situated in Lisse, a small town nearby Amsterdam. And there is absolutely no need to follow any specific tours too see them. Just follow direction Keukenhof Gardens and you will see the fields (with tourists) appear.

The best way to know if the tulips are already in bloom (so you don’t come over for nothing) is to check a local website. But I suggest you plan your visit mid April, that way you’ll be able to see & smell the hyacinths as well. Yummm…

Spring or not, European weather can not be predicted. So ALWAYS bring a coat. Believe it or not, the temperature went below zero the week after my visit.

Keukenhof, Holland

Keukenhof Holland is where the annual & most popular tulip festival in the world happens.

I only arrived at the park around 4PM and it worked out perfectly: it was less crowded at the ticket booth & at the park. Something my dog Sam definitely appreciated, Yes, dogs are allowed to enter. Awesome, right?

Sunset at the Fields

After Keukenhof closed I drove back to the field to watch the sunset at the tulip fields. It was simply breathtaking to watch the colours merge. Ooh’s and aah’s all the way.

•  Keukenhof  is only open from March 23 till May 21 from 8AM till 7.30PM.
•  To get in faster you can get your tickets online
•  Avoid going on the weekend, it’s way too crowded
•  You can score the most exquisite tulips at the park shop