What to do in Djerba, Tunisia

I guess I’m ignoring the time stamp with this post, but I just feel I still need to share my Tunisia travel experience with you guys. My holidays over there were rather chilled out, but I still managed to explore the city of Djerba in all it’s African beauty (and heat). 

The best thing to do in Tunisia is to take a guided tour. Not only will the transportation be sensational (driving through the Sahara desert with a jeep), but you will explore much more and learn about the local life.

Star Wars &
Sand Stars

I’ve booked a tour that took us to Salt Lakes and drove us through the sand to visit traditional villages and show us around the Star Wars Movie set.

Simply stunning experience with great food and friendly people. In the afternoon the guide took us to the local markets and to the bakery for a picturesque lunch.

Other interesting (but very touristic) things to do in Tunis are diving, horseback riding, camel riding, parasailing, getting henna tattoos and smoking a Shisha pipe.

Definitely don’t forget to check out Sand Stars. You can buy them during tours, just like the word describes: they are made by wind and sand. So pretty!

Forever Sunny

The great thing about planning a trip to Djerba is that it’s 99% rain free. Sunshine (and camels) guaranteed. All year around.
Djerba is very dry, so don’t expect a lot of exotic flowers or greens. The beaches however are stunning and the water is pretty clear. It’s not hot but definitely warm enough to have a plunge or two.