Visiting Disneyland Paris: The 25th anniversary celebration

Tons of glitters & giggles as far as the eye/ear can reach: There’s no better way to describe Disneyland Paris’ 25th anniversary celebrations. Oh, and there were fireworks too. Mickey does love himself a good party! And I love Mickey (who doesn’t?!) Hence why I can’t shake the smile off my face reminiscing. I visit Disneyland almost every year, I worked there as hostess (more on that in a different post) and I truly miss the magic surrounding that place on a weekly level. The smell of cotton candy is totally my thing, ok? This year however I’m pleasantly surprised with the decor and the spectacles they arranged especially for the occasion. For starters, it’s perfectly possible to visit the two Disney Parks (The Disney Studios and Disneyland) in just one day, even during the celebrations. I didn’t expect that at all. I enter the Studios at 10 and do the rides I want without even using the fast pass, same goes for the second park. Best way to get it all done is to start at the Studios. That park closes way earlier (about 6pm) so you kinda want to stay there till 2 and slowly make your way to park numero 2. Great tip: Take the single rider queue and you’ll get on the rides way quicker. I’ve seen whole families do this.

The Disney Studio Mustings

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: one of the rides you don’t want to miss is this indoor rollercoaster that catapults you into a rocking Aerosmith music scenario: my fav music + my fav coaster = perfect match.
  • Crush’ Coaster, based on Finding Nemo. Whoever played Rollercoaster Tycoon in his or hers past life, will compare this one with the Wild Mouse. A Classic!
  • Tower of Terror makes you scream the hardest. With The Twilight Zone themed attraction you’ll get an amazing view of both parks, for at least a few seconds. GoPro cameras are not permitted here, although they would deliver some exquisite footage. 
  • Cinémagique is a very cute indoor ‘spectacle’ that is closed when we get there. It basically gives you a great insight in movie making thoughout history in a funny endearing way. 
  • Auto Action shows you great stunts and humoristic situations used in action movies. Always fun to watch. Make sure you grab the park plan to see when the show starts, the show only happens 2-3 times a day. Same goes for Cinémagique. 

The Disneyland Park Musts

The main park of Disneyland Paris is the one near the ginormous pink hotel. You can’t miss it. The Dreamcastle Hotel pretty mutch looks like an attraction on its own. For those who don’t get why it, please do walk in and have a peek at the reception. It’s like stepping into a fancy Disney Movie.In case you wonder why the hotel and the castle are pink… it’s because pink looks good under all weather conditions (they explained that to me working there). Think about it, it’s so true 🙂 The main park is divided by lands: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland, each with an individual unique style and atmosphere


  • Big Thunder Mountain is a mine train coaster located in Frontierland  that takes you straight to the Southwest. A classic with massive queue time, cause there is no soul that does’t like this ride.
  • Space Mountain got renewed, yeey! It’s now  ased on the new Star Wars movie, complete with laser effects. Not spoiling too much here.
  • It’s A Small World: Love the colours and the cuteness of this ride. Such a joyful, mellow family attraction that will make you sing the theme song moths after your visit. 
  • Peter Pan: I’m fangirling Tinkerbell for a decade now and the matching ride just fills my heart with joy. You basically get into a flying ship and visit Pan while flying over London. 

Wait for it, wait for it…

Besides the amazing rides, shows and parades, Disneyland at night becomes sheer magic when firing out a massive amount of fireworks. This years show is probably the best I’ve ever seen from it. Goosebumps all the way. It starts at 11 PM, that’s the only downside of it. A lot of small kids al already tired when the best comes last (that actually includes me as well).


  • Sleep: As I want to start my Disney-day early and go to bed right after the closure, I always book 2 nights visiting Disney. There a various options when it comes to hotels. The Dreamcastle Hotel is the most expensive one, but includes great options: breakfast with Mickey and extra magical hours, meaning you can enter the park 2 hours earlier than others. If you’re on a budget, try to find a hotel in the area of Marne-la-vallé, namely Val’Europe, Serris or Torcy. You will pay way less and they are all very close to the park. 
  • Transport: For those who chose to travel by car, there’s a massive parking around the park. The train also arrives right at the park entrance. (Marne-la-vallé is your stop). Many of the hotels in the neighbourhood include shuttle busses to and from the park. You can catch one every ten minutes.
  • Eat: It’s always good to take breakfast with the hotel arrangement, that way you can eat and go straight to the park, without loosing time. Inside the park you will find tons of little restaurants to eat. If you however prefer something different, there’s always Disney Village. It’s a little village in between the two parks. Annette’s Diner and Billy Bob’s are quite nice places to dine. Planet Hollywood is too crowded and too commercial in my opinion. You pay for the brand, rather for the quality of food.
  • Tickets: to get the best deal, you should scan the Disney website, this summer adults paid the kids’ admission price of only 33 euro for 2 parks.