Visiting Whitehaven Beach in Australia

Visiting Whitehaven beach on the Whitsunday Islands is not only an absolute must when in Australia, but it’s by far the most breathtaking view I’ve ever seen, in combination with The Great Barrier Reef. Whitsunday Islands, Daydream Island, Hamilton Island, Airlie beach and Whitehaven Beach are all situated at the East Coast of Australia, in Queensland. Those places are just as dreamy as their name suggests, trust me. I visited that part of Australia twice and I was blown away each time. To make it better, we did this trip on my birthday. Couldn’t have wished for more.

There’s Something about Whitehaven Beach

To properly visit The Whitehaven Beach you sorta need a guide to move you quickly from A to B. The seven-kilometre stretch of white silica sands and crystal clear waters is only accessible by boat, seaplane & helicopter from Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island. Contrary to other Australian beaches, this one can only be visited for only few hours. Access is limited to keep the national park clean and untouched. Walking your dog and smoking your cigarette is forbidden, as well as ‘stealing’ the sand itself. Speaking of which, the squeaking white sand you’ll see consists of 98% pure silica. Considering the local rocks don’t contain silica, this sorta means that the pristine sand is over millions of years old. Due to its extraordinary consistency you can comfortably walk on it during the hottest days, the sand will not retain any heat. Just make sure you protect your camera equipment very carefully, the sand is so fine, it can damage electronics.

Reaching The Shore

I’m not a big fan of crowded, guided tours as I previously mentioned in one of my posts, but at times it’s just a better way to see and learn. To visit Whitehaven Beach, me and my friends, booked a full day tour on my birthday. Yeah! That tour included a flight above the Whitsunday Islands & Great Barrier Reef, an ocean rafting experience, a BBQ on Airlie beach and a walk on Whitehaven Beach. My dream destination, amazing company and best birthday present I could ever wish for. Ever! After our scenic flight, which I will discuss in details in an other post, we reach the beach by boat and walk a bit to get to the island. Unfortunately you loose a lot of your precious time by hiking to the view point. Also prepare to gasp for an other hour or so. The airbrushed view blows my mind. I can imagine it looking different each day too, depending of the weather. We are so lucky: turquoise and white all around us, seagulls and cockatoos included.


  • It almost sounds obvious but bring enough of sunscreen, the sand and sea reflect a LOT on a white beach. Same goes for sunglasses and a hat, you’ll be suffering without them.
  • Make sure you carry your equipment in a heat proof bag to shield the heath away from your batteries. (or just wrap them in your hoodie).
  • If you can, book the scenic flight above the beach, I promise you, you will never regret it. Also, it’s quite amazing to see whales play from up above, don’t you agree? 
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