Whale Watching in Sydney

Hello lovelies, just to inform you: The Humpback Whales are back in Australia! I went on a tour to spot them. It was incredible, of course. So let’s talk some more about the experience, shall we? From May to November is whale-watching season in Sydney. After that these majestic marine mammals go to Bali and Fiji, to mate. If you wanna spot them, you can either hire a boat or go on a special whale tour. 

The Search for the Whales

First of all, the tour itself starts in Darling Harbour and is based around finding the whales, cause as one would expect, these creatures don’t stay put in one spot. Meanwhile you get some useful explanation and can ask questions. 

Although it only takes about 2 hours to get close to the animals, the tour does not guarantee you will see any. In case you miss out on the whales, you will be gifted a voucher to return on the same excursion an other time. It happened to me before, but I managed to see some the second time. Twice. Yeey!

Close Enough

How close do you actually get, you wonder? Don’t worry, you’ll see them up close, and with close I mean a few meters from you. Even though the boat is massive, it seems like the whales love to interact with humans.

They swim underneath it, jump out of the water, wave at you and play around. The minute you see them blow out water usually means that the whale is going back to the bottom of the ocean to sleep or to eat. That process can even take an hour. Here’s a whale you won’t see back again.

Powerful Creatures

The feeling of a whale encounter is simply magical. Power and playfulness is what these mammals are all about. And their ambient voice… what an empowering sound, and most of all a thank you. For setting their spirit free.

  • Tickets for a whale watch tour are from 49-90 AUD. I booked mine with Capitain Cook Cruises. 
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a jacket. You are out on the ocean, therefor expect a lot of wind and sun reflection.
  • Because of the wind, the boat will move around quite a bit. I never ever get sea sick but this time I could feel my stomach turn a bit.
  • Take care of your camera. Make sure it’s waterproof or cover it with a plastic bag so it doesn’t get destroyed. The wind can and probably will blow water around.