Walking with Wild Horses

Limburg is a province in both, The Netherlands and Belgium, divided by a river, called Maas. It’s right around that border where I hang out with my free spirited friends a.k.a wild horses.  The endangered Przewalski Horses are named after the Russian colonel Nikolaj Przejwalski in 1978. They are very strong and therefor can survive in the most extreme circumstances. Because they have 66 chromosomes, they cannot be cross breaded with a horse, who has 64 chromosomes. You cannot ride them but they are open to human interaction. Of course, we’re talking about wild animals here so keep in mind they can be dangerous at times.

Hey, I heard you were a Wild One…

You can take a walk close to them when you cross the border with Maaseik (Belgium) and Roosteren (The Netherlands). They often hang out around the bridge in the local natural park or in the water under the bridge.They don’t get fed and they drink from the river. It doesn’t get more wild than that! But although they are so independent, they stay super sweet and soft in character. Unicorns do exist, guys!